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Alternatives to Buying The Original Kitchen iPad Rack

A good place to start when looking at alternatives is to figure out what you are looking for, so the final product can best meet your specific needs. A set of sample requirements for an iPad mount in the kitchen are not complicated. In order of priority they might be:

  1)  Cost-effective - not too expensive, but OK if it's for quality

  2)  Keep the iPad safe - it must securely hold the iPad, keeping it away from liquids and kitchen goo

  3)  Keep the iPad off the counter - up where it's visible and the counter is still acessible

  4)  Hide when not in use - no ugly brackets left hanging empty when the iPad is off to another room

  5)  Install and no cutting up of my kitchen cabinets etc>

To me, these seem like easy requirements.

Candidate products fall into 3 categories - (1) wall mounts, (2) tabletop mounts and (3) under-cabinet mounts.

Of course, there's always the guy who cut a hole in his cabinet door - but most of us don't want to chop up the kitchen or tie down our iPad like that - check that out here:


While wall mounts look nice, they really only work well in small kitchens since most of us do not want to be reaching across the countertop when we're cooking to get to the iPad.

And then, there is the problem of the empty bracket on the wall when not using the iPad in the kitchen...

The only good news here is that there are lots of potential candidates. Google the words "wall mount ipad" and you will see plenty of options for $30-35 and up.


Slightly better than mounting the iPad way back against the back wall of the counter is mounting the iPad on an extendable arm, coming off the wall.

These are super - - except - - that when you're not using the iPad in the kitchen you've got this big, bulky arm thing just hanging there.

It's nothing my wife would allow to clutter up the clean lines of her kitchen, but maybe some of you wouldn't care about that.

Cost is a bit higher - around $100, including arm + iPad mounting bracket. Here's a couple of links if you want to see more...


$95-105 (need mount + arm)


The next option that I looked at was to use a portable, table-top stand for the iPad.

The problem with these is that they do not really get the iPad off the counter, so it uses up valuable cooking area and keeps the iPad too close to the liquids and stuff.

Prices on these guys are $50+. Here's some links to check out


100 Euros (about $135)

No Price -


Of course, you can always go the route of using a tabletop cookbook stand, but these are often bigger and bulkier than needed for the iPad (since they are designed for full-size cookbooks, not smaller iPads).

Prices are $20-$60, depending on how fancy you want to get. Here are some links to some nice wood, acrylic or stainless steel racks:







The best option for using the iPad in the kitchen is the under-cabinet mount. This keeps the iPad safely off the counter and the whole thing tucks away when you're not using it.

This approach has been used for years with fancy cookbook racks and is well-proven.

Prices range from $60-$100 and up. Here are some links to check out





And then there is the one low-end product that seems to meet the spec but I am not sure I would trust it to hold my iPad...



Nothing meets the need like The Original Kitchen iPad RackTm.

The Original Kitchen iPad Rack is hands-down better than anything that we have reviewed - it gets the iPad off the counter; matches the elegance of the iPad itself, is simple to install, easy to use, gets completely out of sign when not in use and on top of all that is the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY too!

I hope you agree that it is the best $30 investment you can make for your iPad.

Except maybe it you have no need to cook - ever. Not likely.

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