Our Commitment:

The Original Kitchen iPad Rack was conceived in late 2010, based on inspiration that from above.

In that "Eureka" moment, it was decided right then and there to give fully 50% of any profits that might result from this crazy idea back to worthy charitable causes.

Since 2010, sales of The Original Kitchen iPad Rack have grown and the business has grown to the point where meaningful support can be given to various organizations.

Please join us in support of a worthy cause by purchasing one or more ipad racks - in doing so, everyone wins!

Praise God, the giver of all good things!

- Owners, Kitchen Acrylics

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Causes Supported

Christian Business Angels Kenya, Africa

Ongoing involvement with the poorest of the poor in Kenya led us to the Leadership Development Program of Compassion International, where the brightest of the poor are given the chance to attend university.   The Christian Business Angels is a non-profit organization based in the USA and The Netherlands with the mission of helping Compassion LDP students start companies to provide employment to the poor and help eradicate poverty.

Pregnant Teens
Mercy House Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

Following our trip to Kenya in September 2012, we met Maureen, the Executive Director at Mercy House Kenya, and organization started by Kristen of WeAreThatFamily fame. Mercy House is saving to buy their own home to rescue pregnant girls from the slums of Nairobi and we are pleased to have contributed to that effort.    Read more

By the way, Maureen herself was rescued from the slums by Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program, from where she was also brought into the Leadership Development Program.run by Compassion to graduate and eventually move into senior management of the Mercy House organization. Wonderful!!

Compassion International
Kenya, Africa

In the 3rd quarter of 2012, we supported one of our own, covering expenses for a missions trip to Kenya with Compassion International to visit with sponsored children from the poorest of villages and slums, as well as with students raised up from the slums to attend college and participate in Compassion's Leadership Development Program.

Lives were changed!    Read more

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