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Can't live without this!   This is one of my favorite purchases in a long time. I literally use it every day, a lot of the day. My recipes are on my iPad so this has been a life saver. I would recommend it to anyone!   - Cynthia Gruber, APril 2014 - Amazon Customer Review

Changed My Life!   Saves valuable counterspace with a place for my cookbook or my device with the recipe on it. Also use it to play music, or watch a cooking show while I'm cooking. Dont' have to worry about spilling things on the device. Removes easily to clean. Since it's clear it blends with the rest of the kitchen.   - A. Barry, April 2014 - Amazon Customer Review

This ipad rack was a perfect choice for me. I have the first generation ipad and use it in the kitchen for recipes and as a tv. I didn't want a rack that was obvious when not being used. It was easy to install (just a screwdriver and a pencil), looks classy and clean and easily removes when I'm not using it. The option to get extra mounts to use in other places is especially nice. The acrylic components are strong and durable. Love it!!!   - Deb W., November 2012- Amazon Customer Review

This is exactly what I needed in my kitchen. This holds my iPad in the perfect position for reading recipes off the Internet.   - Eric N., November2012- Amazon Customer Review

This is a really well made and sleek design. I was a little nervous as to how it would look, if it would get in the way or if it would be a pain. All I have to say is it Looks Great, easy to hook on and take off the mount. And depending on how how your cabinets are, it leaves Plenty or room for you to still do work in the kitchen while its in place! I am someone who always wants to best of the best, so I usually think if its expensive its the best. I will say I have tried other mounts. With those you usually have to remove any case on your iPad or other device. With this. Take your iPad, and set it on the mount. Done...I love this and I hope this helps you make your decision!   - Bryan H., October 2012- Amazon Customer Review

I absolutely love the Original iPad Rack. It is elegant and sturdy, and unobtrusive when not in use. Installation was quick and easy too. It has exceeded all of my expectations!   - Sue B., October 2012- Amazon Customer Review

I just bought this product for my wife, had it installed yesterday, and she absolutely loves it! Very convenient, sturdy, and saves a potential expensive disaster from occurring! Thanks again!   - M.S., September 2012- Amazon Customer Review

Just installed my kitchen ipad rack and it has already saved my electronic investment. I was busy making a cheesecake using a recipe on my ipad (on Epicurious) and dumped an entire glass of water on the counter. Fortunately my ipad was hovering safely above the mess.   - Schrecky, August 2012- Amazon Customer Review

I just received this. Since I rent my apartment I did not want to drill holes into the cabinent so I mounted it with heavy duty velcro. Wow. This literally is amazing. I cannot tell you how many times I have dropped my iPad from the kitchen counter, now with this, apparently that won't be happening anymore. Wish I would have thought of this idea.   - L. Jacobs, July 2012- Amazon Customer Review

This iPad rack could not be improved in any way! It was super easy to install. I love that the front comes off so you can tuck it away when not in use. iPad fits either way, vertical or horizontal. And, I can keep it in its case while using the stand. What more could I ask for?   - Mattison, July 2012- Amazon Customer Review

I love this stand for use in my kitchen. Like other reviewers, I use the iPad for recipes and on the counter was not very convenient. Installation was easy and removing the stand from the bracket is also easy and leaves your kitchen clutter free. Others have said it is difficult to use the iPad while it is on the stand, but you don't need to use very much pressure, and I find it sturdy enough. On nights that I don't need a recipe, I use it on the stand to listen to pandora or watch one of my shows with our satellite app. Love it!!   - Mom of 2 Girls, July 2012- Amazon Customer Review

This holder is incredible. My wife was always putting her Ipad directly on the stove and it was always dirty. This is so cool, to get in the air and keep it clean but yet be able to move it around to different locations and even remove it so it is not in the way. Definitely 5 stars.   - Thai Surfer, June 2012- Amazon Customer Review

This is well-designed accessory, easy to install. Once it's up it allows you to use your iPad to follow recipes (and more.) It also serves as an acceptable magazine or individual recipe holder--closer to you for easier reading and off the countertop. I have two mounting racks in my kitchen: I use one near the sink when prepping food and one near the stove to follow directions for new recipes. Nice gift! This can work well in a workshop to watch DIY videos, etc., so you might want to consider purchasing extra mounting racks.   - Peter in PV, June 2012- Amazon Customer Review

Great product. Easy to install and to remove. Looks great even with low cabinets. A "must have" for my kitchen.   - Sara, June 2012- Amazon Customer Review

This IPad holder makes such a difference while cooking in the kitchen. It's held at the perfect height for reading recipes and, keeps the IPad off the counter. Easy installation.   - L. LaMorte, June 2012- Amazon Customer Review

Awesome...I can read recipes, listen to music or watch movies while spending time in the kitchen...and it looks sleek! Literally took 60 seconds to install!!   - Amplutz, May 2012- Amazon Customer Review

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After looking at many, and I mean many holders and racks for our iPad2, some as much as a $150, this one turned out to be the best! With the others we would have to take our tablet out of it's case - which would be a monumental pain - to mount it in the rack, with this one, the iPad just sits on the little ledge, case and all, and you're ready to go. They say it takes 2-3 minutes to install, but I have a cordless drill, so even though I didn't time it, I'm not sure it even took that long. As a handyman, I look at everything when it comes to how something's constructed and the bonds of the plastic look really good and complete, I can't imagine they will ever separate. I just gave this to my wife for Christmas because she almost knocked her iPad onto the floor a few weeks ago, so we haven't done a long term test, but I have confidence looking at it's design and construction, it will stand the test of time, and considering it's literally 1/4 the price of what other racks cost, it's an amazing product. A very clear example of less being more, I love the simple, yet sturdy design. Good job you guys! By the way, the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because we haven't seen it's performance over the long term.   - Victor & Julie W., December 2011

Holds the iPad at a perfect angle for recipe and directions access in the kitchen. Nuff said! Just like Apple products, this iPad accessory "Just Works"!   - Bill M., November 2011 - Amazon Customer Review

The product is a lot more sturdier and well built than I initially anticipated. Other than the minor issue with the bracket hanging below the lip of the cabinet, I have no complaints with this cabinet mount.   - Jeremy R., November 2011 - Amazon Customer Review

This product was actually not as cheap as I expected it to be. The Seller should make a better website to show off the product better.   - J.R, November 2011 - Amazon Customer Review

Bought this for my wife, who loves it! It keeps the iPad off the counter...and clean! The clear plastic is unobtrusive, and it's fantastic that we can detach it and store in a cabinet when not in use. Installation with the provided instructions was a snap too!   - Erik B., October 2011 - Amazon Customer Review

Great product! We installed it in minutes (and are not handy with tools in the slightest) and have used it every time we are in the kitchen. It's perfect for recipe reference, or even reading my iPad while I am waiting for something to come out of the oven.   - Fred, October 2011 - Amazon Customer Review

Works just as described. Perfect for using the iPad in the kitchen. It keeps the iPad clean and out of the way while cooking   - Erin, October 2011 - Amazon Customer Review

After reading the reviews I ordered one. Fabulous, perfect for the kitchen. Keeps the iPad off of the kitchen counter and makes for handy reference. Very easy to install. Two thumbs up!   - Damian G., September 2011 - Amazon Customer Review

I love this?it took me longer to find the correct size drill bit and screwbit that it did to install. Great for working in the kitchen. Thank you!!!   - Erin, August 2011 - Amazon Customer Review

Fast shipping and great customer service. Very responsive on email too!   - Stan Webb, June 2011 - Amazon Customer Review

awesome product! gotta love a company that includes candy in their shipment...   - Rated by Buyer: Kendra L., March 2011 - Amazon Customer Review

Keeps the iPad off the workspace, which is important in my small urban kitchen, and works well in either landscape or portrait mode. It's able to hold the iPad despite the thickness of its case (Piel Frama). Although the rack can easily be tucked away, it's transparent and I usually leave it up. I use a screen protector (Speck) but have never found so much as a splash of ingredients on the screen, which I sometimes did when using the counter-based iPad holders that I have since tossed.   - R. Shaffer, February 2011 -Amazon Customer Review

I love to find something simply designed that works-it's perfect. - Judith M. January 2011

Beautiful! Now that I have it, I can't live without it!! Chris P. December 2010

I'd give the product 4 stars. Congrats on your business and thanks for innovating! - Jeffrey R. December 2010

This works perfectly - keeps the ipad safe an frees up my countertop for extra space and easy wipedown. - Elizabeth H. December 2010


The Original Kitchen iPad Rack gives your iPad a safe place to rest while you're cooking by keeping the tablet up off the counter and the hubbub of chopping, slicing, and dicing. It's made of clear acrylic, so your iPad appears to be effortlessly floating above the chaos.  ... read more   - Karissa Bell and Alexandra Chang, December 20, 2011

Last December, we reported on the introduction of the Original Kitchen iPad Rack. Snce then, their designers have been busy... and now the mounting bracket made of clear acrylic so it almost disappears from view when the shelf is removed. Hurray! more   - Janet Cloninger, October 28, 2011

My new fixation is the Original Kitchen iPad Rack. The rack is super easy to set up and who doesn't want images, directions and videos at their finger tips? more   - Ayinde Howell, April 12, 2011

Yeah, it's an iPad rack, but look at it! Will that protect it from spills? Yep. Splashes? As long as they're not tsunami-sized. more   - Taryn Fiol, Unplggd, March 30, 2011

I also have a small kitchen, so space is another issue with me. Sitting the iPad on the kitchen counter takes up valuable space, no matter what kind of stand I tried to use. What I love about this must have iPad accessory for the kitchen is... more   - Cheryl, TidyMom, March 10, 2011

...perfect way to keep your very expensive iPad safe from spills and accidents!   read more  - Jaden Hair, SteamyKitchen, February 27, 2011

What's cool is that you can just as easily remove the rack when you don't need it, tossing it in a drawer or cupboard until next time.   read more  - Rick Broida, CNET, February 10, 2011

It's simple and sturdy enough to keep your iPad safe and visible while you work, but it won't look out of place hovering above your countertops.  read more  - Michael Rose, TUAW, February 7, 2011

The Original Kitchen IPad Rack deliver(s) a very good price/performance ratio...   read more  - Alex Vochin, Tech Buzz Blog, January 1, 2011

If you have used an iPad stand in the kitchen then you know how frustrating it can be when food or liquid splashes on it since it?s close to the counter and also taking up space. With The Kitchen iPad Rack, your iPad will be out of the way and not directly on the counter.   read more  - Shane, TC Geeks, December 29, 2010

This Kitchen iPad Rack looks like one of the best solutions I?ve seen.   read more  - CompuRocket, December 17, 2010

The iPad makes a perfect kitchen assistant. You can use it to view recipe info or watch the latest episode of Rachel Ray.   read more  - Julie, The Gadgeteer, December 17, 2010

We?ve seen a fair share of iPad kitchen solutions, but none as simple, elegant, or even as inexpensive as The Original Kitchen iPad Rack.   read more  - Matt Burns, CrunchGear, December 16, 2010


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